These Wicked Deeds Available for Preorder

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Exciting news! The first book in the Wicked Series, These Wicked Deeds, is now available for preorder in eBook format. As we get closer, I’ll be dropping things like the playlists I wrote to (my superpower is literally creating a playlist for everything). I also think I will be releasing a poll on GoodReads to see if people would like to see what individual characters in the book would have on their Spotify playlists.

Stay tuned for more and the drop of the cover art for book 2, These Wicked Desires.

Release date: August 1, 2023

Format: Kindle, Paperback

Price: $4.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited


There were four of us…
Nikolai was the stoic leader, Damien was the strategist, and I was the charisma. Together, the three of us were gods in the underworld. We made people’s fortunes and legitimized their ill gains.

Then there was her… the glue that kept us together and made it work. SofĂ­a’s disappearance broke something in us, but our pursuit of her kept us focused, driven, and ambitious. Our single-minded determination to find her allowed us to climb to the financial world’s top and become the powerful men we were.

Enter Isabella Castillo…
It was supposed to be simple: she’d swoop in, perform her job, and use me as a cover and informant, then leave. Except, nothing is ever straightforward, and despite the time that passed between us, I still see glimmers of the girl she was– the girl I’d once called my best friend. The girl who’d transformed into an irresistible woman. The chemistry between us is off the charts, and we both understood the relationship’s expiration date.

The terms were straightforward… until feelings got in the way.

These Wicked Deeds Paperback cover
The paperback version of the cover art for These Wicked Deeds