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These Wicked Deeds (Wicked Series #1)

Release Date: August 2023

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There were four of us…

Nikolai was the stoic leader, Damien was the strategist, and I was the charisma. Together, the three of us were gods in the underworld. We made people’s fortunes and legitimized their ill gains.

Then there was her… the glue that kept us together and made it work. Sofía’s disappearance broke something in us, but our pursuit of her kept us focused, driven, and ambitious. Our single-minded determination to find her allowed us to climb to the financial world’s top and become the powerful men we were.

Enter Isabella Castillo…
It was supposed to be simple: she’d swoop in, perform her job, and use me as a cover and informant, then leave. Except, nothing is ever straightforward, and despite the time that passed between us, I still see glimmers of the girl she was– the girl I’d once called my best friend. The girl who’d transformed into an irresistible woman. The chemistry between us is off the charts, and we both understood the relationship’s expiration date.

The terms were straightforward… until feelings got in the way.

Warning: Hot Reverse Harem Action, Polyamory, and a Heroine that is a straight-up Queen

Advanced Praise for These Wicked Deeds:

The author combines romance, emotional depth, and suspense in the novel, leaving readers eager to find out what happens next in each chapter. It is well-written and engaging, which adds significant momentum to the story. Sophia’s masterful storytelling, combined with a richly detailed setting and compelling characters, makes for an immersive reading experience. Andrew, Book Nerdection

“Sophia Luxe’s use of Isabella’s conflicted feelings made the plot twist in several directions. As the suspense continued to build, I couldn’t put it down. I recommend These Wicked Deeds to anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel involving steamy scenes, a cartel presence, and darker dealings. Stephanie Cannon, Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite (5/5 stars)

“These Wicked Deeds by Sophia Luxe is a very entertaining story told using multiple points of view to go deeper into the characters’ backstories. This is definitely for mature audiences and has some very passionate scenes. They only seem to add to the characters, adding unique aspects to each, The deep backgrounds and the hidden secrets give this story a unique flavor you won’t find anywhere else. This story will keep you breathless as you try to guess what happens next. Watch as their deepest secrets and desires are portrayed in front of your very eyes. You cannot look away. They invite you into their personal space and make you feel part of their world. I enjoyed how the past played such a role in the future. This story is in-depth and very well written; you will get absorbed in these characters. It will grab you from page one and will not let you go. I highly recommend it.” Anelynde Smit, Readers’ Favorite (5/5 stars)

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These Wicked Desires (Wicked Series #2)

Release Date: January 2024

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When Sofía left, I broke. When she died, it killed something in me. I knew I’d never love again…I’d never allow myself. My emotions were things to be conquered, not felt. On the outside, I had it all– a successful investment firm, money, power, and beautiful women. Inside, I was a cold, unfeeling thing. My walls were high, my darkness hidden.

Isabella sees the darkness in me, and like a mirror wrapped in barbed wire, we expose each other’s truths in all their unflinching ugliness. For the first time in years, I feel more than anger and emptiness. With my Hermosa Muerte, Beautiful Death, I am finally among the living. She makes me want to stand in the light, and I’ll never let that go…I’ll never let her go again.

Our pasts may have brought us together, but to have a future, we have to let it go. Even if that means murder.

Warning: Hot Reverse Harem Action, Polyamory, and Protagonists Learning to Heal from their Trauma