Hi! I’m Sophia Luxe. Nice to Meet You!

Sophia Luxe, spinner of tall tales, lover of wordsβ€”first of her name… just kidding, but I had to sneak in a GoT/ HoD reference.

I don’t want to bore you with a traditional long spiel about my background, so here are a few highlights:

  1. I’m powered by Red Bull– or coffee– or if we’re getting technical, caffeine. I probably consume way too much of it.
  2. I have ADHD, which wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult. Like many women, I was diagnosed later in life because my ADHD didn’t always present as hyperactivity.
  3. Huge animal lover (I know, that’s a given for most people). Mr. Luxe and I have three fur babies (two dogs and a cat).
  4. I excel at the domestic arts. I will never admit it to my mom, but her insistence that I learn to sew and cook has come in handy, and now I love doing them.
  5. Food is my love language. I show people I care by feeding them or learning to make their favorite dishes.
  6. Like most writers, I am a bibliophile.
  7. Spotify’s music wrap listed my style as an adventurer. I have a playlist for any occasion with many different genres/decades. Life is too short to choose only one type of music.
  8. I am bilingual but hope to be a polyglot one day.
  9. K-dramas are my addiction. They masterfully use the three-act story structure to tell a complete story in one season (16 episodes), so watching feels like reading a good book.
  10. Peach is cheating on Mario with Bowser– I’m convinced it’s all a ruse at this point.

Thank you for stopping by! And I really hope you stay a while or find a new favorite book.

With Immense Gratitude,